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there is no time, only clocks, the wise men say
and we had no clocks to mark how long it took
for my heart to become acquainted with yours

perhaps i will wait for the person whose
fingertips have ridges that fit mine like a puzzle
but until then, give me your hands.
Well, this is an unexpected update, but this poem has been kind of collecting in my head for the past 48 hours or so. It's a bit hard to explain.

I've been learning to skateboard at this place called Talent. They have no clocks inside the skate park, so you lose track of time. But you know when you meet someone, and you stop even looking for clocks, because you just like being around them so much?

This guy I met yesterday morning was like that. By the end of the skate session (which ended up being three whole hours by the way), he had me doing some pretty crazy stuff. I had to trust him really completely and, more often than not, my only safety was his hands holding mine. It wasn't romantic or anything, but when you have to believe in someone so thoroughly like that, it's...different. It made me wonder if it's possible to trust and fall in love with anyone, or if maybe there's only that one "prince charming" like I used to believe when I was young.
yadiyada27 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
:aww: That's a nice short poem and a great story to go with it. :clap:
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