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Quite frankly, I'm not really sure what I want my deviantArt to be anymore.  I find that I grow tired of using it for more...formal pieces of art.  Fact is, I do a lot of snippets of poetry, take a lot of photos that aren't my greatest, and do a lot of sketches that will never be finished.  If I want to keep active on here, I guess I need to treat it more like my Tumblr - like a diary, where I can move fluidly and keep up with my own thoughts and half-baked creations.  I just have too much in my head and on my plate these days to be able to create one masterpiece at a time, you know?

Also, if you want my Tumblr, feel free to add me.  I'll most likely follow you back:

And best of all, you can read my daily ramblings about the inane goings-on of my life!  :D
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Mumford and Sons
  • Reading: Clash of Kings
  • Playing: Skyrim bby
  • Eating: String cheese
Naerrin Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't worry about it. I have found that DevArt is not what it used to be. To get your art out here you either have to be really good, really good at mainstream stuff, have all your stuff revolve around anime/manga, or be an overactive social butterfly. Otherwise it's just a locker that someone might peep into, favorite something, and move on. As sad as that is.
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